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TweakToday.comA site that I really liked, Tweak Today revolves around a simple premise – users rally a (simple) mission every day, and then content such as photos or videos is submitted to the site. The idea is to add a touch of novelty into the life of any person, by letting him experience new things – things that person might have never experienced before, and things that he might not go through otherwise.


These things are grouped under “missions”, and you can see the active ones on the main screen. Older missions that are still active are likewise highlighted on the main page.

Some missions that have been featured include “Create the smallest work of art you can.”, “Explore a new part of town. Leave your mark.”, and “Take a picture of yourself holding a picture (or postcard) in front of the actual location.”

As a conclusion, if you think your life is falling into a rut, a site like this one might be your ticket to more adventurous times. Simply follow the link which is provided and see if you can spot any mission that sounds like good fun. If you do, jump right in. In Their Own Words

“Tweak Today is a project created by Bill Lindmeier, with some help from fellow Barbarians. The idea is that users rally behind a simple mission every day, and submit photos, videos, or “tweets” about it. The goal is to add something novel to your day that, maybe, you’ve never done before.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Adding a little touch of adventure to our lives every now and then is a necessity. This site will let us do exactly that.

Some Questions About

Who comes up with these daily missions?

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