– The Twitter Translator

Twanslate.comTwanslate, although it does sound like a Tweety bird styled mispronunciation, is, in reality, a Twitter mashup for on the fly translations. It works quite well for when you’re lost in a foreign land and have nothing but your mobile on hand.

Simply send out a message (e.g. ‘d twanslate bg [for bulgarian] Where is the nearest toilet?’) to the @twanslate bot, and you’ll be able to get yourself out of sticky situations in a bucket load of languages. The bot remembers the last language code you used, so if you’re still keen on using it, you can skip the language code in your next message. If you need some extra pointers, send out the message ‘help’. In Their Own Words

“@twanslate is a Twitter Bot capable of translating anything you throw at it. Great for on the go translation when all you have is your phone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This Twitter based app is actually something you can use, unlike many others. It’s a very simple tool, with a straightforward application. It covers a large range of languages, and using it is much easier than most online translation tools. Given the popularity of Twitter, Twanslate could garner a large following.

Some Questions About

Just how accurate are the translations? How well does it work for translations in which English isn’t the base? Will more languages be added?