– Who’s Following Whom

Twannabe.comOne of Twitter’s weaker points, you could claim, is that it doesn’t do a lot to actually foster new connections; it’s not easy to find friends or followers. In order to rectify this, NextWeb developer Reinier Ladan has created a new Twitter mashup called Twannabe.

Basically, it lets you check out who your Twitter ‘heros’ are following themselves, giving you a glimpse into their inner circles. Twannabe only functions for up to 2000 contacts and they’ve got to be open accounts; but it seems that if you’re looking to find new people follow, 2000 is probably more than enough for you to sort through. To use it, enter your Twitter account info and the name of your hero. In Their Own Words

“I Twannabe like you!
Find out who your Twitter hero is following and you are not!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twannabe puts a playful spin on the whole Twitter follower concept. Those who are interested in learning more about their friends and idols can’t really go wrong trying this out. It takes seconds to access and it actually gives you more insight about the people you admire.

Some Questions About

Twannabe doesn’t really add much to Twitter—the overview function pretty much does the same thing. Also, will Twitterers actually be interested in seeing the hundreds of followers their heroes have?