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Twadl.comTwadl allows Twitter users to post status updates at

Twadl is loaded with features which include the ability to create links on the fly by simply entering a long URL and having it automatically replaced with a short one to save valuable characters. Users can also get a Tweet preview before updating to see what their Tweet looks like before posting. Links can also be tracked on Twadl, allowing users to see how many people click on any of the links that they post. Another great feature of Twadl is that it allows users to attach files which currently include images but will soon also include MP3s. To get started, simply sign up for an account, enter your Twitter details and then simply start updating from the home page. In Their Own Words

“ is a tool to let you post status updates on”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a popular service for Twitter users due to the fact that it automatically shortens long links, making it ideal in a Twitter world of 160-character limitations. The ability to track link statistics will also appeal to those who use Twitter as more than just away of keeping in touch with friends.

Some Questions About

Will Twitter users be happy with the fact that they have to go to a different page to handle their updates?