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TVTonic.comWant an internet television service you can watch online and off? TVTonic is the latest resource for on-demand web TV that you can watch anywhere and regardless if your are connected to the internet or not. The service includes over 250 channels you can choose from and then download to your computer or disk.

Since videos can take up a lot of disk and hard drive space, you can elect how much space each channel should take up using their graph and slider interface. With TVTonic, you can subscribe to and watch any video podcasts that support RSS enclosures, view from hundreds of music videos, cartoons and news programs, watch it from your computer, hook it up to your TV or xbox. In Their Own Words

“Watch, Subscribe And Manage Video Podcasts
It’s easy to subscribe to video podcasts (in TVTonic they’re called channels) via the Channel Guide section of TVTonic. Plus, any RSS 2.0 video feed from the web is compatible with TVTonic. You also get exclusive access to premium channels available only to TVTonic users—all free.
Video can take up a lot of disk space, with TVTonic you control how much space each channel uses via a simple graph and slider interface.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

What sets TVTonic apart is the fact that you have total control over the content you download and you can watch it at any point after you download it and from mulitiple sources. You can control it with your mouse, your keyboard or a remote control and you can even watch your videos from a location that is not your tiny little computer screen. The channels are wide ranging and once you subscribe to a channel, you will also recieve updates on newly loaded content.

Some Questions About

Will they make the service compatible with other web browsers besides Internet Explorer? Will they be able to compete with Apple TV once they launch features similar to this downloading service?