– You Be the Director on a Virtual Set

TVnima.comTVnima would be ideal for those who’ve always wanted be on TV, but have been burdened with radio faces. Actually, the site allows users to create news programs using 3D avatars, photos and videos.

Once you’ve loaded your media, you play the director and call all the shots, deciding where to place the camera, what angles to record, and what tracks to use. There are three screens to work from: the Project screen where you load previous and new work, the Customization screen from which you tailor your presenter and the set, and the Director screen where you can add media, and camera gestures on a timeline. Several different software are involved and TVanima is still in alpha, so some things may not run so smoothly. Besides that caveat, TVanima is cost free and it at the least you can flex your journalistic chops. In Their Own Words

“TVnima is an online Realtime 3D application that allows anyone to create a TV news program using their personal media (photos, images, videos).
You can add a voice and import media, choose your camera angles and presenter gestures in just a few clicks.
That’s it; you’re the director!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TVnima’s got a couple things going for it: it allows users to create their own virtual tv shows, it’s free, and it takes advantage of virtual space which is growing in popularity. So far, looks like they’ve got a decent tool set and more is in the works.

Some Questions About

Will regular non-adept computer users be able to come up with something that looks slick and takes little time? How well does this really work?