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Tutorialicio.usTutorialicious aggregates tutorials concerning design, Photoshop, and programming from across the web—all of which are submitted and voted on by users, a la Digg. The set up is pretty reminiscent of other community driven sites.


The homepage contains the latest tutorials, number of votes for each, and tabs for submitting, stats, new, and hot. Additionally, tutorials are classified by type: JS, Python, Ajax, RoR, Photoshop, etc. They may also be filtered by date: by week, by month and by year. Users can comment and submit tutorials upon registration which is free, of course. Tutorialicious readers can stay updated using the site’s RSS feeds. In Their Own Words

“tutorialicious is a community-driven aggregator of the best programming, design and Photoshop tutorials from across the web. The tutorials you see have been submitted and voted on by users just like you. If a tutorial is good, it naturally rises to the front page with the help of satisfied users. Likewise, if a submission is deemed unworthy by users, it will stay at the bottom (although it will remain on the site as an “unpublished” tutorial.)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tutorialicious has a approachable, slimmed down interface. It doesn’t go overboard with features or design. Everything is simple and straightforward. Overall it’s a practical compilation of web resources, useful for anyone interested in learning more about design and programming.

Some Questions About

Tutorialicious isn’t bursting at the seams with originality. Everything from the name to the design and concept have been done. Will it be able to gain any traction?

Author : Siri Marshall

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