TurnkeyShop.com – Online Store Builder

TurnkeyShop.comA new eCommerce application, TurnkeyShop is here to let those who’ve always wanted to have an online store of their own achieve that aim, and do it without having to pay an excessive sum of money, or spend a tremendous amount of time setting things up. No, TurnkeyShop lets people put a store together by paying a really reasonable fee, and without having to code anything. Those who go for this service are enabled to create a virtual storefront in which all of their products can become listed (and updated) in a matter of minutes, and which is coming with support for all the main electronic payment methods of the day. These include not only PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net but also WorldPay and 2CO (2Checkout). And bank transfers are likewise supported.

A tiered approach to pricing means that people with the most different of aims are already catered for. The four plans which are available are StarterShop, SuperShop, ProShop and DropShop. The cheapest costs $19, and the most expensive one retails for $79. Each allows a different number of products to be listed, and each comes with its very own storage capacity – from 20 MB to 1000 MB. All plans enable vendors to conduct transactions without having to pay transaction fees of any kind.

TurnkeyShop.com In Their Own Words

TurnkeyShop is Software as a Service (known as SaaS) or hosted eCommerce software. You can build a complete, ready-to-run eCommerce website in minutes for a low cost.

Some Questions About TurnkeyShop.com

In which senses is this better than My eStore App, ZookShop, SolidShops and all the many services that play out a similar role? TurnkeyShop.com