TurnItUpMedia.com – Ad Based Music Distribution Service

TurnItUpMedia.comTurnItUpMedia is an ad-based media, mostly music, distribution system. The company offers what they call Tri-play, a service model in which users can freely enjoy legal downloads after watching short video ads, no longer than a minute in length.

These ads permit users to access a range of genres. After users fill out their registration info and a quick questionnaire, they’ll be able to search for music and add it to their download queue. Downloads are activated after you’ve watched the advertisements. Tracks on TurnItUp come in both DRM free and DRM flavors. The revenue collected from the ads is shared with artists and musicians who distribute their songs on the site. Registration is required.

TurnItUpMedia.com In Their Own Words

“TurnItUp Media started out in 2003 as MediaXcess. The vision then was the same as it is today: to create a system where individuals can easily and legally download media files for free. This was the start of what we call the “Ad-Supported” model. The market was obviously not ready for this model, so the project was put on hold as we watched the digital world try the 99cent download philosophy. Over the past few years, we have observed piracy eating away the profits of labels, artists, and publishers.”

Why TurnItUpMedia.com It Might Be A Killer

With P2P sharing rising and record sales declining, TurnItIUp gives both artists and listeners with a new model for distributing and listening to music. Fans will be able to access their favorite songs legally, and they don’t have to worry about DRM. Artists can get their music out there while enjoying ad revenues from the video spots.

Some Questions About TurnItUpMedia.com

The music distribution system is constantly being challenged and changed, will ad based distribution systems work? Are fans willing to watch ads to access their favorite music? TurnItUpMedia.com