Turning Mobile Ads App-side Down

Appodeal is a startup ad platform that allows app publishers to get more money from their advertising revenues. In an industry that has traditionally favored advertisers over publishers, Appodeal is leveling the playing field.

Why we love it

Everyone likes the little guy. Big corporations, bad. Powerful politicians, also bad. Injured kittens, good. Well, not good, but everybody likes them. Anyway, as can be expected, greedy advertisers are not at the top of anyone’s list. That’s why Appodeal, with it’s pro-app publisher stance, can expect to win hearts and minds.

Appodeal is a programmatic ad mediation solution for mobile apps and their publishers. It increases publisher revenues by engaging advertising networks in a real-time, auction-based competition for every ad impression, enabling a growing community of developers to more effectively monetize their products.  

This is pretty noble, really. Advertisers have been making hay while the sun shines for quite a while. The global advertising market is expected to top $100 billion in 2016, and could reach highs of $195.5 billion by 2019. The reality is that, currently, app publishers do not benefit to anywhere near the same level as those who make and produce the adverts. Appodeal forces advertisers to compete in real time for in-app ad spots, driving competition and boosting publisher revenues in the process.

Of course this doesn’t make for riveting or exciting reading, does it? Adverts will remain perpetually the bane of every media fan’s existence. They are distracting, turn up out of nowhere and sometimes refuse to disappear. Obviously a better solution to all of this would be no ads. Could you imagine how great that would be? Using an app, uninterrupted for as long as you like. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

However, most dreams – like being a millionaire, Pulitzer journalist or celebrated chef – either take an incredibly long time to realize, or never do. Sadly, a life without adverts will be one of the latter. Still, Appodeal is helping to balance the power – and money – between apps and advertisers. Long may they continue.


Meet @Appodeal, the startup helping to more evenly distribute power between advertisers and mobile app publishers