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TurnHills.comTurnHills makes it possible to go window shopping online. The site features a map with all the available venues in your local area, and you can click on the ones that you want to take a closer look at. This will let you see all the items that you could buy there, right as if you were looking in through their shop windows. Literally – you’ll see everything as you’d see it from the street, and each item will be tagged. You’ll get to know how much any item costs, where it’s been made and if it’s available in different colors and sizes just by clicking on it.


And the site’s fully social, so it’s possible for you to share what you’re seeing with all of your followers, much as you would send any friend a SMS when you’ve come across something that would be terrific for her. The only difference is that TurnHills allows you to send her a full link where she’ll get to see the product and learn how much it costs.

Cool concept, wouldn’t you say? Yet, I must tell you that this service is not available worldwide. In fact, it’s not even available stateside No, it’s slowly being implemented in different regions of America, with New York City having been chosen for the big launch. In Their Own Words

For those who enjoy browsing, shopping and keeping up with the latest new fashions, bring the exciting experience of window shopping online.

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Which cities are being supported next? Why?

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