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Tuppy.comTuppy is the most recent aggregator of social services that has become available. You can use it to have all the social sites that you check on a regular basis brought under a single profile. In this way, you will be able to interact with your contacts much faster, if only because redundant communications will become almost nullified.


What turns Tuppy into something really interesting is the range of side services that are provided. In addition to acting as a comprehensive file sharing platform, Tuppy can be used as a blogging platform. And in keeping with the aggregative spirit of the service, anything that is posted on Tuppy is actually spread to every single social site that you want it to be featured on.

This turns Tuppy into a very appealing platform both for casual users and those who want to promote their professional services. Photographers are some of the most obvious users for this platform, and designers are also the kind of individuals that I can picture coming back to Tuppy time after time. In Their Own Words

Organizing all your social networking accounts in one place.

Why It Might Be A Killer

For the simple reason that it will let you lead a more organized life on the Social Web.

Some Questions About

Which social services are yet to be supported?

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