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Tunity – Find The Right Technical Talent Without Reading A Single Resume

On the one hand, a stack of resumés is a good sign of interest in your company. On the other… Let’s be honest, no one ever gets excited about a pile of resumés. There’s no way of telling if any of the candidates are even a potential fit for the company without expending a good deal of time or energy.


Wouldn’t it be great to pass off applicants for technical positions and have someone else do all the work – tell you if a person is a good personality match and has all the right skills?


Leave dread out of the equation when you need to hire tech talent, and have a look at Tunity. The next time you see a resumé, forward or upload it along and let Tunity tell you everything you want to know and more.




Tunity has screening down to a science, helping hiring staff to better understand company culture and then identify the best candidates through data (as opposed to chakra readings or ping pong ability). An “eHarmony of the technical enterprise,” the Tunity platform “uses a series of behavioral, cultural and skill based analytics to accurately predict compatibility between talent and opportunity.”


After completing a company profile and having team members complete an assessment, Tunity does all of the leg work. Tunity analyzes the company’s perceived and preferred culture to establish baseline measurements, which are then used to compare the with the qualities of candidates in order to find matches.


Tunity both gauges personality and assesses skill to score candidates. A report on each potential hire covers strengths and weaknesses – behavioral traits – revealed through testing and lets companies know if a person has the right social and and technical toolkit to blend in seamlessly with the existing team.


If this sounds a bit complicated, that’s because screening candidates is a one tough, laborious task. Basically, Tunity automates the initial screening process – saving heaps of time and money – and allows companies to effortlessly target the most promising talent.


Having zeroed in on the best prospects in no time, a few clicks is all it takes to arrange interviews, or either shelve or eliminate candidates from the hiring pipeline. Tunity makes managing candidates and staying organized a cinch.


How fun does another round of resumé reads & phone screening sound now?


Learn more about how Tunity can streamline your hiring process at Evaluate resumés with a click, and bring your entire team’s composition and desires to bear when looking for your next hire.


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