TuneFad.com – The Truth On CD Hype

TuneFad.com – The Truth On CD HypeDon’t you hate having to decide what new CD to buy? You might read a review online raving about it, yet one of your friends might tell you it sucks. If that happens to you often, you should consider letting Tunefad.

com help you. With the site, you’ll be able to see what other users thought of a CD, and what other popular CD they associate with it. For instance, if you are looking for opinions on Coldplay’s new CD, you’ll be able to see what users that hated it recommend and the CDs recommended by those who love it. If in those lists you find CDs you like, it will help you decide about purchasing the new CD. Since nowadays people don’t even buy that many CDs anyways, this site should allow those few who still shop for music to buy music that is actually worth it. One would think that the quality of new music would go up to get people to buy more CDs, but that’s not the case. Luckily, this site will help all of us find music we like comparing it to records we know.

TuneFad.com – The Truth On CD Hype In Their Own Words

“TuneFad is all about giving you the best one glance view on what you’re just about to pull the trigger on – people reviews ravings”

Why TuneFad.com – The Truth On CD Hype It Might Be A Killer

This is a great idea. People don’t want to read countless online reviews. The site makes it easy to find out what others think of a CD without having to read long (and often tedious) reviews.

Some Questions About TuneFad.com – The Truth On CD Hype

Aren’t some of the results inaccurate? Why does the site sometimes recommend the same CDs for those who hated an album and those who loved it? TuneFad.com – The Truth On CD Hype