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TUN3R.comTUN3R is your music portal for web-based radio programs, otherwise known as internet broadcasting. Though, as we all know, nothing is actually broadcasted and put on radio waves, now we can hear stations via MP3, Ogg, and streaming sites.


Their system searches the net and aggregates streams, then it is condensed you can hear a short summary of what the music sounds like within the station. What’s different about TUN3R is their radio dial, check out their homepage. They essentially display a grid of the most popular radio stations, and by moving the pointer around, you can get a glimpse of what is out there. Listen to station previews and see the DJ’s latest playlist all from the TUN3R dial. In Their Own Words

This is a portal for Internet radio (MP3/Ogg/etc streaming sites). These would have been called broadcasters back in the radio days.
• Our system searches the Internet looking for streams.
• A short sample of their music or content is collected.
•Their homepage is used to generate a small free ad (automatically).
•The ad is placed on our ‘dial’ and the audio sample is instantly accessible to anyone who cares to listen.
•We also search the homepage of the stream so you can search for particular types of music directly.
•Space on the dial is available for rent to advertisers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

I have yet to see anything like the Dial, a tool that not only provides efficient web station browsing but a tool you can actually reap advertising benefits from. Space on the dial is allotted towards advertisers, and when a user moves the pointer over it, they can choose to open it up and listen to the audio clip. This is great because its inobtrusive to users but still makes advertisements incredibly visible and available on the website.

Some Questions About

Looks like their search is both quick and visual, but how about turning up more traditional search results on their page? I thought that highlighting the boxes allotted for radio stations was clever in terms of turning up relevant results, but maybe they could have also provided a text version of the radio stations, their name, and their music genre. Will they provide a way for users to create their own radio stations, too?

Author : Irene Davids

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