Tumri.com – Empowering Consumer Relevancy

Tumri.comThe world of marketing is learning fast how to adapt to the current state of the web, and the site being reviewed right now is a case in point. Tumri offers a service whereby advanced targeting capabilities are coupled with an interactive presentation layer.

In practice, this means that advertisers will be able to conjure up marketing messages to consumers according to a selective targeting process. That is, the Tumri platform makes for grabbing each subcomponent of any ad and presenting it at the right time, to the right audience.

This system, then, takes the different targeting techniques we all know (such as behavioral, contextual and demographic) and changes the marketing message in consequence.

Customers are aggravated by marketing campaigns that are misplaced. As such, it is pivotal that the right message reaches the right public, and that irrelevant contents be kept out of the picture as much as possible. A site such as this one stands as healthy start for those who aim to carry out campaigns that take the aforementioned considerations into account, and are looking for a supple way of implementing them.

Tumri.com In Their Own Words

“The Tumri AdPod marries advanced targeting capabilities with a dynamic, interactive presentation layer, enabling advertisers to craft highly targeted marketing messages to consumers on-the-fly. The Tumri platform seamlessly deconstructs ad creatives into core sub-components (i.e. brand logo, background image, product image, offer/price, call to action, attention grabber, etc.), then allows advertisers to adjust each sub-component by targeting or performance parameters.”

Why Tumri.com It Might Be A Killer

It updates the concept of contextually-placed advertisements and takes it one step above and beyond.

Some Questions About Tumri.com

How is the system implemented from the point of view of the user? How knowledgeable must he be? Tumri.com