KillerStartups – Desktop App for Tumblr

Tumbl-Weed.Tumblr.comTumblWeed is a desktop application for Tumblr built on Adobe Air and Flash. This means you can add stuff to your Tumbl-log without having to go online.

Thus TumblWeed brings you all the possibilities of Tumblr offline. There are a few things that you’ll have to live without, for the moment at least, e.g. a WYSIWYG editor. But besides that, TumblWeed offers one slick, attractive and well designed desktop Tumblr app. You can drag and drop photos, view your posts on a mini-dashboard and there are progress bars for audio and photo uploads which take the guesswork out of upload times. It’s currently in alpha mode. In Their Own Words

“A Desktop Application for Tumblr”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is one attractive desktop client. Very simple, yet very cool. Easy to use. Anyone used to Tumblr won’t have any trouble using Tumblweed.

Some Questions About

How well does this work? What systems does this work with?

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