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Tuggle.itTuggle is an online database and logistical center for ministry leaders and their congregations. It allows ministry members to create personal profiles, store group contact information, and plan activities.


Members can then communicate with each other online, sign up for events, and send out notices via text message or email. Ministry members can also arrange smaller group activities among themselves- all in all, Tuggle makes event coordination and planning more effective. Users have the option of searching members from other ministries, and Tuggle promises to remain a clean and safe environment. In Their Own Words

“We’re a small team with one unwavering focus: make student ministries more effective. Tuggle eliminates the friction between your innovative ideas and the administrative weight needed to implement them. It builds community within your ministry in a way that Facebook or MySpace don’t have a prayer in achieving.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tuggle’s dual implementation of technologically efficient online event planning and the guarantee of a safe environment for church members is a unique platform on its own. Taking into account that its largest registered ministry numbers in at over 900 members, Tuggle has a very good chance of being a killer.

Some Questions About

How will the older congregations respond to online event management? How easily can event information, stored online, be shared with those who choose not to participate online?


Author : Mery Fisher

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