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Tubri.comTubri is a new social networking resource that redefines the way you really connect with people. It is based on the premise that not all of the people who you befriend on a social network are friends in the strict sense of the word.


It is not the same befriending a childhood friend than befriending a coworker that you have known for three weeks. But (unless you create a specific group labeled “Work”) it is going to be the same thing.

Well, Trubi aims to do something about that by letting you add people to groups by default. Every single person that you befriend via Trubi will belong to a group, and the way in which you interact with the people in them is completely different. Each group is going to receive its very own updates, its very own photos and videos…

Groups are personal, and nobody every gets to learn which groups you have created or which group you have kept them in. The site will let you create as many groups as you want, too. You don’t need to send people any kind of invitation, either. You simply arrange them the way that you see best and that will be it. In Their Own Words

“Tubri is a new kind of social network based on real life.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site focuses on group-based socialization and it makes sending group updates a very easy proposition.

Some Questions About

In which way is this better than creating groups on Facebook?

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