– Turning YouTube Into A Karaoke

Tubeoke.comDo you need something to get your party going and you just don’t know where to look? I am not sure if this site is going to offer a foolproof solution, but it will certainly keep your guests entertained for some time. And if your guests are similar to me, it will keep them going for even longer than that.

In essence, this site encompasses a search tool that will let you look up any music video file that is hosted on YouTube. You can search for specific songs, and you can also carry out a generic search by band if you know your guests are keen on this or that band and you want to give them a somehow wider set of options to choose from.

Upon clinking on the file that they agree upon, the video will start playing while a window on the right will display the full lyrics to the song. While your friends sing along, you will have time to think of a new distraction. Or maybe they will get carried away and that will be the end of your worries. In Their Own Words

“Watch and sing!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into ways of reviving any party this can be a good start.

Some Questions About

Is there a way in which the lyrics could become better-integrated with the actual video?