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TubeFolio.comWe all know that Justin Bieber became famous thanks to YouTube. Yet, even the greenest person around knows that things are not as easy as they might seem. Just because you have uploaded a terrific video to YouTube it would be foolish to think that talent scouts will watch it. They might not even find it. And that is something that could hardly be helped. Do you know the amount of new clips that are uploaded to YouTube in a single minute? Do you know the chances that you have got of your video actually being featured on the homepage? And the chances of it staying there long enough for the one who is looking for talent to find it?

You do. We all do. And that is why a site like TubeFolio has been created. We can think of it as a kind of YouTube for people who want to show their skills to the world. Only videos of such nature are allowed on TubeFolio. Nothing else can be shared through the site.

In other words: uploaders will be ensured that scouts who are looking for people with their talents will have a direct way to sample their abilities. And scouts will have no manual filtering to do, other than specifying the actual category and tags from the four on offer (Film, Music, Dance and Sports). So, things become definitely far more instant for everybody here. In Their Own Words is a video sharing community for those looking to reach the stars and the ones trying to find them.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is like YouTube, but the difference is that here only videos of people who want to show the world their skills are uploaded.

Some Questions About

How many videos are uploaded to this site daily?