TSheets.com – Time is Money, Track it.

TSheets.comTSheets is a web-based timesheet system that turns any PC or mobile device into a time clock. Developed by the creator of the new time keeping standard – Timeclock 2.

0, TSheets eliminates paper timesheets, punch-style time clocks, and expensive swipe-card systems. TSheets is ideal for tracking hourly time for employees, salaried employees, contractors, or your own time. TSheets works for all kinds of businesses – retail, office workers, professional services, manufacturing, medical, and much more. TSheets was designed with today’s small business owner in mind: Real-world features, full reporting, and a low monthly cost starting at $9.95/mo. TSheets.com partner with other innovative companies that share the commitment to simply and inexpensively solve business problems – especially for small businesses.

TSheets.com In Their Own Words

“Clock in and out from your computer or cell phone. It’s simple, easy to use, and setup takes less than a minute. Try it for 30 days for Free!”

Why TSheets.com It Might Be A Killer

TSheets has literally created the new standard for timekeeping – Time Clock 2.0. Studies show that over 60% of small businesses (over 5.5million) use a non-accountable form of timekeeping. The main reason? Until now, there hasn’t been an affordable and practical solution made available to all small businesses. TSheets is laser focused on creating the perfect accountable time clock system vs. all others that focus on project management. Additionally, Tsheets exclusively owns the intellectual property to the Time Slider. The Time Slider is the first-ever of it’s kind where there is a graphical Web 2.0 interface which enables users to have immediate command over adjusting time.

Some Questions About TSheets.com

There are already some similar services on the web for free, will people pay to get this one? TSheets.com