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TryMyFashion.comA visit to this online resource is the order of the day for fashionistas the world over. Essentially, TryMyFashion is a micro-blogging service that enables such individuals to interact with like-minded people and share their daily fashion.


This system is open and free to any person who wishes to use it, and all it takes is creating an account by furnishing some personal particulars along with profile information. You also have 140 words to describe yourself, and what makes you stand apart as an individual when it comes to the world of fashion. Alternatively, you can sign up using an OpenID if you happen to have one.

Other than that, the mechanics of the site are quite simple. Everybody understands the concept that lays at the heart of Twitter, so that there is no need to go into that in greater detail. Just pay the site a visit if you are piqued by curiosity as regards the nature of the posts themselves, and see to which extent do these fulfill your expectations. In Their Own Words

“TryMyFashion is a fashion micro-blogging service . Join now to share your daily fashion with friends, family, and colleagues!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt resource for those who have an active interest in the world of fashion at large.

Some Questions About

Does anybody monitor the posts that make it to the site?

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