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TryMango.comLearning a new language is one of the best ways to stimulate the brain and get to know another culture. The hassle is that language courses are boring and expensive, until now. is the first ‘free enterprise language-learning course on the Internet.’ There are eleven language courses offered and each one includes 100 lessons. The lessons are constructed with clear visuals, voice direction and verbal examples as well. The lesson slides are not cluttered and even as the skill level increases, the slides continue with clarity and do not become intimidating. For adults learning a new language, one of the key advantages is to hear the language, not just read it. For that reason, many students choose to have group classes in a language school. The problems that people run into, however, are either time constraints or issues with classroom conduct. Many students become self-conscious in a room full of others and this is the biggest impediment to language learning. With, language learners can concentrate and practice in the privacy of their own home or office for free.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The native voices help immensely and are the shining star of Even if students can’t write in another language, at least when they travel they can have some sort of verbal understanding with the locals.

Some Questions About

Are there plans to add quizzes, tests, study guides, games or pronunciation techniques? Also, the first lesson for the languages that have different letters or characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) are difficult to understand because students can’t really read anything. Maybe there could be a set of pre-course lessons that teaches the alphabet and/or phrases.