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TruuConfessions.comDo you wish there were something akin to an anonymous micro-blogging platform where you could rant and rave about anything that is weighing you down? If you do, then it is quite likely you will appreciate this new service. Truuconfessions is a platform aimed at women, and it lets them get anything off their chests without disclosing who they are.

The foundations for this site where set down two years earlier, actually, in the form of a site named True Mom Confessions. That site became so popular that other categories besides moms were eventually added, culminating in this relaunch under the TruuConfessions moniker.

These categories include “Single/dating”, “Bride” and “Wife”. Furthermore, categories like “Office” are featured along with a “Military Wives” section. As you can see, a lot of ground is covered, and women in different stages of life are fully accounted for.

On the whole, the site has the potential to become the one-stop for confessional needs on the Web as far as women are concerned. If you are one and ever need a shoulder to cry on, or even a punching bag, you know you can count on it. In Their Own Words

“Our mission is to be your anonymous best friend on those days when you’re going to crack, when you need a laugh, when you’re bursting at the seams with a juicy secret, or when the thing you need to say is unspeakable to even your nearest and dearest. We understand how busy you are and how stressful life is these days, and we know that sometimes you just need an outlet. We’ll be right here with bite-sized hugs and absolution, posting our own grievances and giggles alongside yours. So, welcome. Go ahead and confess yourself. We won’t tell!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any free resource that gives solace to individuals and lets them find peace and inner calm deserves to do well.

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