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I love the thought of my house adjusting the temperature inside when it senses my approach, having access to my music and movies no matter where I travel, perhaps being able to open the car door with a tap of my watch when I can’t find the keys… As for the idea of trying to make all that happen on my own? Not so fond.


I’m genuinely excited by most of the changes that technology is introducing into our lives. But I can also hope for those changes to reduce complications rather than impose burdensome transitions.


Truthing is an ‘Intelligence Engine’ that allows people to control and manage their connected devices and services. It learns your lifestyle and teaches your tech how to better fit your needs. So, it helps you make the most of the tech at your disposal and does the hard work of establishing smart links for you.


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With Truthing, people have ‘a single, secure gateway to their entire digital life – right at their fingertips.’


Our increasingly connected world is truly marvelous. (Writing a grocery list directly onto the refrigerator; never losing the list, but having it always on hand at the store. Brilliant.) However, as connected devices grow more sophisticated and the number of online services multiples – not to mention robots – it’s easy to feel a bit… overwhelmed, even frightened or out of control.


Truthing promises a powerful tool that allows us to optimize connected living instead of being steamrolled by technology. It’s potent ally? Data.


By analyzing the data from all of our digital touch points, and applying Machine Learning algorithms to them, Truthing provides intelligent solutions. The company describes its mission as follows: ‘to help households and communities stay safe, save energy, and run smoothly 24/7 using integrated data that’s already available from our phones.’


Shut the windows in the house for me when my weather app detects a storm fast approaching? Thank you very much… It’s fun to imagine the possibilities that we’re just beginning to make feasible, and even more exciting to know that there’s a company determined to enable us to effectively turn so much potential into reality.


Eager to stay ahead of the curve and better control your home, your office, your personal and business worlds? Sign up for beta access to Truthing or learn more about the company at


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