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TrustRank.meFor those who have the time, buying items online is just perfect. They can browse Etsy, Artfire, eBay and all the main ecommerce sites of the day until they find nothing but the best bargains. But the situation is not really that advantageous for retailers, who end up having a different profile on each and every marketplace they intend to sell their products on. Each of these profiles is coming with a feedback score of its own. To buyers, someone can be a power seller on eBay and a virtual unknown on a site like Etsy if going solely by the feedback that they have amassed. The only way retailers have of proving they are indeed reputable is by including a link on these items they are listing, directing buyers to the profiles they have on other ecommerce platforms.

Well, that’s set to change now. TrustRank is a new service that unifies all the different feedback scores users might have, and provides them with a widget for displaying their newly-aggregated scores both on any listing they’ve created and on their online storefronts. That should be enough for prospective buyers to know who they’re going to be dealing with, and to remedy something that’s been such a source of concern for retailers as not being directly able to prove how reputable they really are. Cool service – check it out. In Their Own Words

Combine Ebay, Etsy, Artfire & other feedback scores to create your own TrustRank profile. Display your TrustRank anywhere to increase your sales everywhere.

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What would it take for such a score to become standardized?