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TrustPl.usWith the huge uptake in social networking sites, there has also been an alarming, but rather unsurprising increase in ID theft and plain old faking it. TrustPlus has developed a site find out who those phonies out there are, while protecting your own rep.

You’ve probably witnessed it yourself. For example, you’ve probably got hundreds of chums on your Myspace profile, you’ve probably even carried on long conversations with a good number of these web denizens; however, how do you know that your old classmate from primary school isn’t some creepy stalker? With TrustPlus, you can rate all your real friends and weed out those who aren’t. The downloadable Trust browser plug-in makes it easy for you to view user reputations on the most popular sites like eBay, Facebook and Craigslist. In Their Own Words

“How can you know who to trust online? TrustPlus can help! With TrustPlus you can view the reputation of others and build your own reputation anywhere on the Web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While social networking is extremely popular and it’s a great way to make friends, it’s also a door to danger and lies. TrustPlus, therefore, offers a brilliant service for making the web a little more open and honest. This sort of public vouching system lets everyone know who’s for real and who’s not. It brings some responsibility back into online conduct.

Some Questions About

How subjective is this? As the site is community driven, how will it get more users to join in the hunt? Will it update its networking list to include more sites?

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