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Trustox.comTrustox is a purveyor of safety and trust seals for websites. Any webmaster can have his site scanned by the company and (provided there is nothing dangerous or malicious about it) he will get a safety seal that he can then place where everybody can see it.


The advantages this has are entirely obvious. People will shop more willingly at any online retailer when they know that the information they are about to share is going to be conveyed across a safe channel.

These seals also inform the user of the date in which the site was last checked by Trustox. That is a very good feature, actually, as seals are given a much bigger sense of relevance – they go well beyond the stationary feel that characterizes the seals provided by other companies which are around.

Moreover, Trustox can monitor the accessibility of your site at all times. And it can notify you in the event your site has gone down so that you set things to right before any serious damage is done. In Their Own Words

TRUSTOX security & trust seals analyzes your website for potential weaknesses and ensures its safety, your sales & conversions increase by displaying our seals. When visitors click on a seal it opens a new window displaying the security certificate. For sites that require potential or existing customers to submit their personal information including their e-mail addresses, this could help to increase sign-up rates and sales.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a sure way to show visitors that your site is indeed a reputable one.

Some Questions About

When was this company created? Where has it got its seat?

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