– Identity Solutions delivers adaptive and effective identity solutions by creating software that simplifies and extends the use of digital identity credentials.

User credentials, such as passwords, smart cards, USB tokens, and biometrics are deployed by most organizations. Their core products improve the way people use credentials and allow organizations to improve their current systems while implementing new solutions using credentials over the web. TrustBearer Labs is an authentication solutions provider with over 10 years experience developing products and custom software for trusted devices such as smart cards, biometrics, and USB tokens. TrustBearer Labs offers professional support contracts for all products. This covers installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and all software updates. In Their Own Words

“We partner with web application providers, integrators, and trusted device manufacturers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Smart cards and other hardware identity credentials have struggled to take off in the past – especially here in the US. This is primarily due to the infrastructure required to make them work. This company has developed the software for these devices that sits in most operating systems and used this experience to create a web platform that will remove the need for complex infrastructure to use these devices. OpenID by TrustBearer is a consumer facing approach to allow people to use their existing or a new device with a variety of online sites.

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