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TrunkClub.comThe Trunk Club is a new online initiative that has the objective of revolutionizing the way that men buy clothes. How does it aim to achieve such a goal? In principle, by providing site users with a personal assistant that chooses clothes for them according to the style and tastes that every user sets down beforehand.


This assistant goes by the name of “Trunk Club Expert”, and the user can communicate with her whenever he wishes, both in person or through webcams.

In practice, such a system means that the user does never have to worry about shopping for clothes again – the assistant takes care of the whole process from start to finish. As a matter of fact, the user does not even have to go out of his house to try on the clothes. And the whole process can also be taken care of from the user’s place of work.

This is quite a simple and straightforward idea, and for that very same reason it can yield more than satisfactory results. The user does not have to engage into any type of complicated operation, and as a matter of fact he can conduct the whole process without even going out of his home, or leaving his place of work. I am sure more than a fair share of entrepreneurs and businessmen with hectic schedules will make the best out of it. In Their Own Words

“Men, this is how you want to experience clothes buying. It is the convenience of e-commerce and the confidence of traditional retail shopping, all tied together in a revolutionary way. As a Trunk Club man, you will NEVER have to step foot into a retail clothing store.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The approach is a fresh one, and those who do never have the time to go shopping will maximize it.

Some Questions About

What are the fees that apply? Are there different plans for you to choose from?

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