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TrueCar.comThe service given by is based in adding the confidence that is sometimes absent when you are planning to buy a new car. This is done by choosing a bunch of certified car dealers willing to tell you why any vehicle costs what it costs. In this way, you are sure the information is not biased (something that might happen when you?re talking to a salesman at a car lot). works with a search engine that will give you results by make or model, type, or price of the car you are looking for. From the start, the website prompts you to enter your zip code to define your area, so the results will be near you. An automatic curve graphic will be showed to you, with average, high and low prices for the car you looked up.

Just a few clicks more will show three different car dealers for you to select the price you prefer. In less than 24 hours, as the site promises, a dealer representative will call you to set up a no obligation appointment.

You can rest assured that TrueCar certifies the car dealers who enter their network, which spans over 5000 throughout the United States. The advantage offered by this webpage works both ways; buyers find true information on car prices when they need to buy one, whereas car dealers sell at lower prices but gain market share.

This new company which was founded in 2005 has managed to sell over 200,000 vehicles in a few years. It appears as it deserves a good vote of confidence from possible users, so you won’t regret, at least, paying a visit to in case you are considering buying a car. In Their Own Words

The TrueCar Price Reports are backed by data and rigorous statistical analysis. Today, we collect extensive sales data on more than 25% of all new vehicles sold.

Why It Might Be A Killer lets buyers and sellers of cars connect faster and better, and know who they?re dealing with from the very beginning.

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