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Troovy.comTroovy´s a new social site that lets you play citizen journalist, urban explorer, and armchair anthropologist. The site is all about the world and what goes on in it.

There are maps, which can be alternated between satellite and hybrid views; each map comes with select spots pinpointed; the points denote recently discovered and visited destinations. Click on them and you´ll be taken, at least visually, to those areas. There are some really detailed photo slide shows which zoom in and out of exotic locales. If you sign up you´ll be able to look through member profiles and provide comments. Troovy has a tag cloud and categories to narrow down location searches. You can look for cafes and coffee places, or hotels and resorts, it´s up to you. In Their Own Words

“troovy connects you to the world around you by inviting people around the globe to become urban anthropologists, travel writers and even citizen journalists.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Troovy will find fans in travelers. The picture and media displays of each destination are well done.