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Troolley.comA social travel platform that connects people all over the world, Troolley is a new resource that can be joined by anybody. In general terms, through this site you can choose your intended destination and then set off on a trip while sharing your experiences with friends and family.

The main page includes a Google Map that will let you pick any spot in the world right away, and a series of recommendations are provided as regards trips, itineraries, attractions and events.

In addition to that, the site comes complete with a tool for booking hotels using the Internet. In this case, all you have to do is choose the dates in question and specify the intended destination.

The Troolley website is free and open to anybody. All it takes for becoming a user is registering beforehand. When doing so, you can link to as many of your social networking accounts as you wish.

All in all, this social platform offers a user-powered way of traveling that is very suitable to the digital times we live in. Direct your browser to to find out more. In Their Own Words

“The social travel platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It connects travelers from all over the globe, and those who are thinking about traveling somewhere can inform themselves beforehand easily.

Some Questions About

Are all traveling destinations whatsoever taken into account?