KillerStartups – The Battle Of Programmers

Trollim.comI couldn’t swear it or sustain it from a scientific point of view, but I am under the impression that programmers must be among the most competitive individuals ever. I base this on personal observations.

Nine out of ten programmers I know are incredible protective of what they do, and they never let a chance of showcasing their skills pass them by. They actually look for that actively, and always seem to be up to the task. That makes this site stand as big magnet to me. You see, programmers will be able to create an account and start battling each other. These battles take the shape of coding challenges.

The site actually makes for one on one battles, and open rumble battles. The former will empower you to settle any account personally, whereas the latter are meant to resemble bigger melees.

Who will be the last programmer standing? Give the site a try if you think you have what it takes. Membership is completely free, and signing up takes just a minute. In Their Own Words

“Trollim is a skill evaluation and comparison platform assessing the coding level, performance and skill set of programmers worldwide. Programmers of similar skill sets and coding languages compete against each other either by one to one or many to many coding challenges (Battles). Trollim’s patent pending proprietary algorithms are able to evaluate multiple coding languages, skills and the competitive performance of the participants, compare their skill sets against others programmers and improve them over time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Programmers are competitive bar none. This will let them square up to each other in an engaging setting.

Some Questions About

Are there prizes to be won? Or just recognition?

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