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TripWolf.comTripWolf is an online travel aid that combines tips from everyday trekkers with words of wisdom from professionals. Site users have access to information on over 200,000 destinations all over the world.

Users can search for destinations, find tips from friends and pro gurus, and even create and print out their own personalized travel itineraries. Users can also browse galleries of pictures posted by other users, as well as click through the profiles of other travelers and professional gurus registered on the site. An additional feature is users have the ability to write their own journal posts on their favorite travel destinations. Users will soon be able to book sites through this site as well. In Their Own Words

“Tripwolf is a social travel guide for the discerning traveler that combines professional editorial travel content with user generated content – a collection of experiences from thousands of travelers worldwide. With tripwolf, travelers can generate their own customized 10-20 page travel guide based on their individual preferences and recommendations from friends and “trip gurus”. Soon travelers will be able to book their trips through tripwolf, too.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TripWolf is a detailed and engaging site that provides loads of information to travelers across the globe. The information reflects honest opinions of travelers, as well as professional tips. This site is limited to information now, but with the additional booking feature, this site will be much more developed.

Some Questions About

What other features can be added to the TripWolf service? What existing travel social networks can be explored to form potential partnerships? What partnerships can be formed with existing booking agencies?