Let TripRebel Keep Searching For Hotel Deals, Even After You’ve Booked

Today’s Killer Startup: TripRebel


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Elevator Pitch:

TripRebel finds you the best deals on hotel rooms, even after you’ve booked.


Why They’re A Killer Startup:

I spend much, much more time than the average person searching for both hotel rooms and new apartments. That’s because my boyfriend and I are digital nomads: we move to a new country every couple of months. I’m also a totally obsessive person, which means I’ll search and search and search for the perfect house or hotel for hours. Before we moved to Bali, I spent sixteen hours on AirBnB and I looked at every single property they had. No joke.


So TripRebel is appealing because it could potentially do some of that obsessive searching for me. The site lets you book a hotel room through them, bringing you the best deals that are currently available. Once you book your room, your work is done — but theirs isn’t. They’ll keep searching in the backend for any deals that come up after you’ve booked. For example, if the price drops on your room, they’ll rebook it for cheaper. If an upgrade comes up, they’ll get that for you. They’ll even let you know if a room in a better hotel in the same area comes up in your price range and will book it for you, after they’ve gotten your permission.


You can also save hotels that you’re interested in, which is an awesome and dangerous feature for an internet magpie like me.


One quick note: When I searched for hotels during the four days that my boyfriend and I will be without housing here in Bali, at the end of the month, I was blown away by how pricey some of them were. Granted, Bali accommodations can definitely be on the more expensive side, but one place came back with what looked like more than $6k per night — and not even this touristy honeymoon island is that expensive. The drop down menu at the top said “rate per night,” so I assumed what I was seeing was the nightly rate, but, when I re-searched for one night only, the prices dropped down to a much more reasonable level. That means the price they give you is for your entire time, not per night.


But anyway! Booking through TripRebel means you can book the place you want, now, without having to obsessively worry (like I do) that the price is going to drop and you’re going to fell like a rube. Next time you’re headed on vacation, skip all those other deal sites and hit up TripRebel.



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