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Tripim.comAre you a traveler looking to meet people to hang out within a foreign country? Do you like to travel solo but would also like to meet new people to travel with? is a great new site that helps connect travelers around the world.


On the front page, users fill in where they’re from and the country they are traveling, and from this information the site compiles a list of people in that country. From this list, users can click on the profiles of people who are traveling in the same country and view their information. The profile lists personal details as well as languages spoken and things that the person “would like to do today.” As a member, users can send messages to each other to propose a friendly meeting and exchange tips and information. There are also cool travel articles that are funny and offer good warnings and options for other travelers. is a fresh site that is different from the many cookie cutter travel sites; it is a clean look and offers more personal opportunities to communicate which is one of the main reasons people travel to foreign places. In Their Own Words

“Sometimes looking for someone from a foreign country can be a real hassle. makes it easy with the people search engine. Search for people by age, occupation, nationality.
You can even search for people who share your hobbies.
Save money! search for someone to share a taxi with to the airport.
Bored in London? find someone that can show you around the city.
or at least give you a tip on a nice restaurant or bar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is not only a great site due to its innovative communication techniques and people search but also because it can be viewed in English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Italian. Many sites exclude a huge majority of travelers by only have the site in Spanish and English- this is a very inclusive list.

Some Questions About

When do you plan to add Chinese, Japanese or Korean?

Author : Bruce Turner

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