Making A Trip Itinerary Has Never Been So Easy

Raise your hand if you’re busy dreaming of warmer climates.

Deep in throes of winter, many of us find ourselves longing for sandy beaches and clear, turquoise water. Others wish for tall, snow-covered slopes and some can only dream of scaling the sides of volcanoes or mounting Machu Picchu.


Whether you’re simply dreaming of far off lands or actually planning a trip, TripHobo can help you figure out not only where you’re going to go but what you’re going to do when you get there.




TripHobo was created by a team of expert travelers who know firsthand how stressful planning a trip can be. They decided to create a site and app that makes it easier to create entire travel itineraries, just by adding in a few facts about your trip.


The process is simple. You start by telling TripHobo where you want to go and optimize for the shortest route to get there. TripHobo then offers you different attractions in that city or country. Choose a few and their optimizer will organize them for you, assuring that your plan makes the most sense.


Finally, you can invite friends to check out your trip or, if you’re traveling in a group, let them make changes to the plan. It’s simple, fast, and eliminates the need to spend hours upon hours scouring the internet for the best places and best plans.


If you’re not quite ready to actually plan out a trip yet and are still in the dreaming phase, TripHobo offers sample itineraries that people have already made. Check out the best plans for traveling in Florence, Las Vegas, Europe, or really anywhere in the world. I can guarantee you’ll find suggestions for sites and activities that you never would have thought of if left to your own devices.


So if the dead months of winter have you feeling blue and you’re already scheming and planning your escape, head over to TripHobo and start creating your perfect travel itinerary today.


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