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TripCraft.comTripCraft makes it very easy for those in the travel industry to have an active presence on the mobile web. Using this service, hotel information becomes instantly accessible on any mobile device, and bookings can also be made on the spot.


Hoteliers are presented with a dashboard for managing reservations as they come through, and TripCraft also comes with all the necessary resources for communicating one-on-one with guests. Besides, hoteliers will be able to target people by location, and offer them deals that they can but feel attractive.

Also, TripCraft is really practical in the sense that it can be integrated with other technology systems. For example, hoteliers can use it in tandem with the applications they currently use for handling CRM and PMS. This means they are not having to change the way they manage guest activity, or how they make inventory.

Of course, something as vital as analytics showcasing the engagement of users is lprovided. Hoteliers will be able to see how fruitful their marketing efforts are turning out to be, and keep on focusing on what works. In Their Own Words

TripCraft puts your brand and hotel at the fingertips of the mobile traveler. Guests can book or modify reservations, browse hotel information, receive notifications and offers, explore local area activities & more.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are traveling on short notice are bound to maximize a service like this one- they will have all the information they could need in the palm of their hands.

Some Questions About

What about iPads? Are they supported to the same extent?

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