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TripBirds.comThe social web and the travel industry are like a match that was made in heaven. I always think about it when I come across a site like this one. TripBirds is a service that lets you see the places all your Facebook friends have been to, so that you can base your own travel decisions on something you can really relate to. And the service also works the other way around, of course. Your friends will get to see these places that you have visited yourself, and decide on where to go based on that.

Of course, in addition to seeing which places your friends are visiting you can quickly connect with them. So, it’s very easy to ask your best friend just why he has checked in to a venue that you’ve never heard of in your life. You can ask him were did he learn about it, and what it was like being there. All vital information when planning a trip.

TripBirds is a free service, and you can use it just by signing in with your Facebook account. And as it is only suitable, integration both with Foursquare and Instagram is provided. So, that’s the three main geo-location services of the day successfully taken care of. In Their Own Words

Discover the world with a little help from your friends.

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