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Need The Kind Of Travel Tips Google Can’t Provide? Get tripangel

Today’s Killer Startup: tripangel


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Elevator Pitch:

tripangel is a travel app that aims to be “your go to guy or gal. Your sidekick, in any city.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I travel, a lot. I’ve lived in seven countries in the past three years and have travelled to a total of nine. As a result, I’d say that I’m pretty uniquely qualified to talk about the trials and tribulations of travel. And, trust me, for as many amazing views and incredible life experiences that you’ll have with travel, there are just as many (if not more) trials and tribulations.


One of the big ones is kind of simple but actually really profound in your every day life: not knowing where anything is in a new city or country. While I usually turn to Facebook groups (there are always expat Facebook groups) for insider knowledge on everything from where the market is to the best place to get electronics fixed, they’re not always the best source of info. Sometimes people don’t respond to me, or no one knows the answer, or it sparks some kind of weird conversation that can only happen when people living abroad have too much time on their hands and therefore spend all of it on Facebook.


Which is why I really hope tripangel starts expanding beyond their current cities, soon.


tripangel is a new app — available for Android and in beta on iOS — that connects you with locals in the city you’re visiting. While Google is obviously a great resource (and, of course, there’s always those Facebook groups), there are simply some things that a search engine can’t answer. tripangel promises to provide you with a real person host who will be available to help you with whatever you need, whether it’s finding the best place for dinner or buying tickets to a popular show. Users can also buy tickets in-app, electronically voucher tickets, and even set up reminders so that you don’t miss anything on your action-packed trips.


They’re perfecting their service with their very first app, Vegastar, which provides visitors with local, on-the-ground “hosts” who are available to answer any questions visitors have about Las Vegas. Once they’ve worked out all of the kinks with their hometown as the test ground, tripangel has plans to expand into Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles before taking on the rest of the world.


I guess I just have one more thing to say: Hurry up, tripangel! Us world travelers want you too.



Visiting #Vegas just got sooooo much easier, now that you have @Vegaster702 #travel


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Author : Emma McGowan

Emma is a proud native of Burlington, Vermont, who has lived in six different countries over the past two years. She's living and loving the global nomad life and writing about technology and startups everywhere she goes. Check out more of her writing about tech on (the more titillating stuff) KinkAndCode.. Follow her on Twitter @MissEmmaMcG.

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