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TringMe.comTringMe is a new web-calling service that lets your site visitors call you simply by clicking. TringMe’s service is provided via its widget, which you can install on your website or blog.


When users arrive at your page, they slick on the widget to call you. You will have specified where you want your calls routed (your mobile device, Gtalk, etc), and your site visitors can either talk to your directly or leave you a voicemail. You do not need to download any software, your callers need none of your information, and if you miss a call or aren’t around to receive a voicemail, fear not: TringMe sends email notifications of all voicemails received while you were offline. Best of all, it’s completely free. In Their Own Words

“TringMe allows your website visitors, friends and customers to call or leave a voicemail to you – directly from the web. You will instantly receive a call or a voicemail on your existing cell phone, landline Gtalk or via e-mail. It’s pure web-based telephony”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since your callers don’t need to know your phone number nor do they need to have a TringMe account themselves, TringMe is possibly the easiest remote-dialing service there is. The service offers customizable widgets for MySpace, Facebook, eBay, and more, and soon will be supporting Skype.

Some Questions About

The same things that make TringMe easy and convenient are unfortunately also the things that make it potentially insecure. Clearly it would be easy to hassle or prank-call someone, since you don’t need to know their phone number or any other information.

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