Be The First To Know The News – Before It Trends – With Trigger App

Today’s Killer Startup: Trigger


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Elevator Pitch:

Trigger delivers the best content of the web directly to your phone, before it starts trending.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Confession: I’m a total content snob. When I see a story on Facebook that peaked months ago, recycled on someone’s wall, I roll my eyes and sigh internally. “God,” I think. “How are they soooooo behind the times?”


Now, the fact that I know what peaked last week is because of a not particularly brag-worthy reality of my life: I spend way too much time online. I largely blame that fact on my job — I am a full time blogger, after all — but I also just like Facebook. I like keeping up on the minutiae of my friends and family and friend’s family and, as a result, I usually have a pretty good idea of what’s currently trending.


However, it’s rare that I pick up on a story before it gets big. When I do, it’s obviously blogger gold, right? Being on the front of the trending bell curve is a point of pride for any blogger but it’s not an easy task, even for someone who spends as much time staring at the screen as I do. That’s why I’m excited about Trigger.


Trigger keeps an eye on the internet so you can spend your time doing other stuff. They pick up on the stories that are going to be big and deliver them to your app, where they promise “zero-second load time.” They’ve also configured it to deliver serious content during the day (you know, when you’re doing serious grown up stuff) and lighter content in the evening (cue: cat videos). Trigger also keeps track of what you’re reading and commenting on, and delivers it to you with a shareable spider graph, so you can show your friends just how much of a cat/computer/politics/tech/whatever nerd you are.



Are you ready to be the first one to read the latest? Get started with Trigger app for iOS today.


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