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Trendsor.comTrendsor is a news tracker that favors a visual approach. Essentially, these items that are trending are presented on the site as a cloud that can be further expanded and explored by clicking on the relevant item.


You can choose to have the cloud for the last 24 hours displayed, and also for the whole last week if you need to go that far back. And as a matter of fact, you can also visualize the clouds for the last 30 and 365 days. Not everybody will feel the need to go that far back, of course. But those who need to research how any topic or item has evolved over time will be grateful that such an option has been provided.

Other than that, the latest trends can all be browsed by category – “General latest trends”, “Movies latest trends”, “News latest trends”… these are just some of the main categories that are provided, along with others such as “Google latest trends” and “Twitter latest trends”. That’s a lot of angles from which to focus your search. And there are even a couple more that I haven’t mentioned. So, your chances of remaining informed about any topic that interests you directly through a site like this one are more than probable. In Their Own Words

“24×7 Internet trends tracking.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you remain abreast of any development touching you directly or indirectly even more easily than ever before.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the site become more appealing structurally?

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