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TrendJoy.comBusinessmen know that half the trick is being in the right place at the right time, and spot what the public needs right away. It is like they say: “Give the people what they want”.

We might add “When they need it” in order to arrive at the perfect equation. This website brought all that to mind if only because it will let any entrepreneur or aspiring webmaster spot these concepts that are trending at any given time, and buy the domains that could go with them.

For example, right now you can see a lot of domains that have to do with the Tiger Woods scandal, and by clicking on any of the concepts that are displayed you will be capable of buying the corresponding domain. That is how it should work out in theory. In practice, I tried buying a few and I was taken to an ecommerce site that told me each of these domains was already taken by someone else. The site should let you know about such a fact from the main page, and not take you elsewhere just to have you rebuffed.

Also, the site should bear a search functionality letting you specify the area you are interested in. Doing without such a functionality turns the site into something completely automatic, and that will necessarily limit its appeal. In Their Own Words

“We give domainers and site flippers an edge by using google to display internet trends in real time. If you spot a trend that you think is worthy of building a business around, just click on “register it” and trendjoy does the rest. New trends emerge by the minute so bookmark us and enjoy trendjoy!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who intend to capitalize in each and every trend that surfaces will find it interesting to begin with, yet they are going to feel a few more options wouldn’t hurt for sure.

Some Questions About

How can the site become more appealing on the whole?

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