– Find Out What’s Trendy is focused on showing what real trendsetters think about the latest from established and emerging designers as well as hip brands and stores around the world.

Users vote on the clothes or accessories that they like and the more votes an item receives, the higher it climbs on the page. As soon as a new style emerges, votes pour in thereby ensuring that the latest and most fashionable is always on display at Trendi. Trendi have partnered with hundreds of stores, online boutiques and independent designers to create the ideal shopping site. When you discover a lovable new look your friends can be the first to know through your photo gallery in your profile. In Their Own Words

“Trendi helps you pick out the sweetest clothing and accessories on the planet – the styles real women deem worthy. We leave the trendsetting to you, not a few celebs and fashion editors. Every day there’s fresh inspiration and new clothes to help you stay ahead!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Think of Trendi as a social shopping network where people can share what they deem to the most fashionable in their photo gallery and user voting will determine what is the hottest. This could become a popular site for teenaged girls.

Some Questions About

The site is well-designed and the voting system is a good one. The question is whether they will be able to reach a critical mass that will make the votes more dynamic and accurate.