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Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an easy way for venues and artists to see each other´s calendars and schedule good times for them to coincide. It makes smaller bands have a lot more of a chance getting a gig if the venue can hear their songs, see where they´ve performed, see if they have any fans, and everything else they need directly in front of them. People who frequent certain venues will use this site to see who´s coming.

Some Questions About

There´s a lot of potential for the site, but there are a lot more functions I´d like to see added. Will fans be able to request venues for certain artists? Will venues accept the small bands, or do they even have a chance? Will you be able to read people´s reviews of the concerts they´ve seen and of the venues they´ve been to so that that will influence who gets chosen to play and which venues artists will choose to play at? How will the site make a profit?