search cancel – Facebook & MySpace Marketing is a social networking website and a tool that connects advertisers with social network users.


It allows social network users to post their profiles and their profiles data, where a marketer or advertiser can post his ad. is a sort of address book for profilers and advertisers that are interested in forming marketing agreements. This website’s plan is to form marketing and advertising partnerships, and then social network users so thousands of friends can monetize those relationships by either promoting a product, posting a link, posting a photo, or posting an online affiliate offer, as well as being an informative blog that will discuss social network marketing. In Their Own Words

“ was created to connect the casual, intermediate, and super social network user with advertisers and marketers. The more friends you have. The more you can earn.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a new way of making money. Just by creating your profile in one of the social networking sites, TreasureFriendships will get you advertisers. What’s interesting is that this money doesn’t go to those social networking sites, you are the one that gets it.

Some Questions About

Will this kind of advertising be available for worldwide users of social networking sites? Will they offer the possibility of advertising on messenger programs?

Author : Liam Gray

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