Tread Opens Communication On The Open Road

Headlines, maybe even our own experiences on the road, might easily give one the impression that drivers are only capable of expressing themselves to one another through road rage. This isn’t the case.


Auto enthusiasts in particular have plenty to talk about, but our online social tools have so far poorly served the potential community of 253 million cars in the US.


Allow me to introduce Tread, a new automotive-focused social network.




Tread ingeniously allows drivers to message one another by using a license plate number. Through the Tread website or mobile app (currently for iOS with plans to roll out an Android version in the near future), you can create a username, profile for each of your vehicles, and share them in your virtual garage. Then you can message other vehicles – sharing comments, pictures, videos, and other info, even with vehicles you aren’t familiar with.


If a car catches your eye that you’d like to know more about, you can go straight to the source and contact the owner. Maybe you’d like to expand your auto club, invite someone to participate in an auto show. Tread is the perfect tool for doing so.


Tread provides a friendlier forum for car enthusiasts to talk shop, not being limited to a particular make or model as is often the case with other forums. And, of course, venting about bad driving is perfectly acceptable, too.




Jason Bosnak, Founder of Tread, built the platform after noticing the social gap for auto lovers online and the outdated nature of popular forums. He rolled up his sleeves and applied his mechanical engineering and product development expertise to forever change the way vehicles and vehicle owners communicate.


Dare I say, the app has quickly gained traction, adding over 500 users, retooling and releasing the mobile app, and building brand recognition at auto shows.


Keeping a lookout for a license plate that begins with the next letter in the alphabet might be a time-honored tradition, but Tread shifts the license plate game into a much higher gear. Download the app from the App Store or learn more about the network at


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